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JAZDION GABRIEL was wrapping up the celebration of his daughter's first birthday at Chuck E. Cheese in Bakersfield, CA, when an altercation ensued and gun shots were fired. Jazdion along with two other men were struck by bullets. Amazingly, Jazdion along with three other individuals were arrested with a charge of attempted murder. Three of those individuals accepted plea deals and have finished serving their sentences. Jazdion, however has continued to proclaim his innocence and has refused to accept a plea deal for a crime he did not commit.

As a result, Jazdion has been incarcerated in Bakersfield, CA since 2016 without the benefit of a criminal trial. Jazdion has spent 5 years and counting in jail for the accusation of a crime. That's more time than those who pled guilty have served. 

We are here to get #Justice4Jazdion! These atrocities in our justice system MUST be called out and stopped. Join us in getting #Justice4Jazdion and lets return this hard working father back to his family! 

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